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Products & Service

In addition to the production of customized PCD & CBN tools, we also offer custom-build post-processing or reconditioning of existing PCD & CBN tools.

Working with Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG tools offer a particular economic benefit with excellent, long-term cost savings: They have proven to have a long service life and they can be reprocessed several times by sharpening or refilling them with PCD / CBN.

We adjust and expand our portfolio continuously to offer the highest level of perfection and first-class service in its full scope.

Let our service impress you.
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  • PCD and CBN tipped tools of all kinds - e.g. milling cutters or turning tools
  • Custom-made PCD / CBN - inserts and special tools 
  • High-precision PCD / CBN plunge cutters - repair and new manufacture 
  • PCD / CBN milling cutters and countersinks
  • Workrest blades for centerless grinding - made of hard metal or PCD steel
  • PCD taps
  • PCD / CBN slot boring cutters - repair and new manufacture
  • PCD / CBN twist drill 
  • PCD / CBN circular milling cutter  
  • PCD / CBN T-slot milling cutter  
  • PCD / CBN milling plates / turning plates  
  • CBN - material inserts - hardened steels from 45 Rockwell
  • Custom-made solid carbide tools 

Special Requests?

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Here you can find more information about the products. 

In the following you will find further information on why tools from Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG differ from other tools:

PCD milling cutter

The PCD / CBN milling cutters from Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG are designed according to your individual requirements. From center-cutting single-tooth milling cutters to multi-teeth milling cutters and PCD / CBN tipped units for larger diameter ranges - we offer you tools with internal cooling, minimum lubrication or air cooling. We can also offer tools with HSK 63 A connections as monoblock tools.

PCD indexable inserts

Index able inserts from Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG are standardized or custom-made inserts with any geometric shape or clearance angle. Chip flow, the surface of your components, …we would be happy to work with you to create an optimal, specific solution tailored to your needs and processes.

PCD grooving tools

The PKD / CBN grooving tools from Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG are custom-made in width with a tolerance of 0.002 mm and a parallelism of 0.001 mm. We offer customized complete solutions with or without cooling, as well as tools with multiple-grooving units with optimal deburring.

PCD drills and reamers

All PCD / CBN drilling tools are manufactured in-house according to your requirements and specifications: single edge cutters, multi-edge cutters and multi-stage tools with the option of deburring the bore simultaneously.
Chamfers can also be attached for easy threading. Internal cooling for minimum lubrication or cooling lubricant are incorporated into the carbide or steel base carrier and offer a longer service life. 

PCD taps

PCD taps from Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG are custom-made tools with internal cooling. On request, cooling can be implemented on the side of the cutting edges to strengthen the material.

Work-rest blades for center less grinding
(PCD or HM work-rest blades)

Work-rest blades from Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG are in-house custom-made specified to your requirements. We manufacture the steel body in shape and position, as well as equipped with carbide or PCD. We comply entirely with your requirements for optimal compatibility with your machines - whether through-feed grinding or plunge cutting with different heights, with PCD or as a carbide version - we manufacture according to your individual needs.

Contract Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

With many years of experience in eroding technology, Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG offers expert knowledge. Our high-quality contract manufacturing is based on the use of modern eroding systems with special generators. They enable optimal material adaptation and thus guarantee eroding processes of all kinds such as PCD / CBN tools, assemblies with tight tolerances, nonstandard index able inserts, ultra-hard materials, or steels of the highest quality. With various diameters of the eroding wire, we can realize contour trains with small corner radii. We cut your made-to-measure - individually according to your specifications and wishes.

Mechanical Production
Turning & Milling

Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG offers CNC machining of components of any complexity from small to medium series. Our milling and turning machines are by no means restricted to certain materials and thus offer you the solution to any challenge.
Our milling machines work up to an object size of max. 400 x 400 mm or with HSK 63 connection directly on the holder.
Our lathes work up to an object size of max. Ø 250 x 500 mm or with HSK 63 connection directly on the holder. 

Tool reconditioning

Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG provides tool reconditioning of the highest quality with the latest technologies. No need for costly new investments or long delivery times - we offer you the complete solution: Tool analysis, sharpening and re-tipping with PCD / CBN from one provider, minimizing running costs and downtimes.

Hard metal components

Nowadays, hard metals are not only used in the tool industry. They are often found in mechanical engineering and construction, in the form of plates or entire components made of solid carbide mostly for wear protection. With many years of experience the trained specialist staff of Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG supports your projects. Tailored to application and usage, we work with different substrates to develop an optimal result.

Special solutions

As an experienced specialist in precision machining in toolmaking, Sommerer GmbH & Co. KG offers customer-specific solutions of all kinds with extensive specialist knowledge.

Feel free to contact us – it would be our pleasure to assist you with any query.


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